Why You Should Date a Writer


“Why would I date a writer?”, you ask. You should date a writer because she will write about everything. She’ll write about the things that you did together, or the things that she wishes you’ve done. She will write about the time you held her hand at Starbucks, and how warm she felt for the rest of the day. She will write about how, during a mellow summer evening when the two of you just started dating, you asked her to reach for something in the cabinet, and when she gave it to you, you looked at her with such intensity. And that’s when she realized she had already fallen in love with you.

You should date a writer. You should date a writer because she will write about everything. She will write about how you look in the morning, and how you were so beautiful even when you were sleeping. She will write in great detail of your lives together, and her words will make ordinary events sound like music.

You should date a writer. You should date a writer because she will write about everything. She will write about how she was tired, but she stayed up anyway to talk to you because you asked her. Or that time where she really wanted to keep talking to you, but you said no. She will write about how you broke her heart when you said that “It’s all for the best”, and of how you no longer wanted to work on the relationship.

But you will also learn about how she fixed your door before you came back home because she wanted you to feel safe after having your house broken into. Or about the time she tried making you breakfast in bed, burning herself in the process, and had to throw away the food on multiple occasions because she wanted everything to be perfect. Or about the time when she woke up at 4 in the morning to get your favorite flowers from the farmers market because she couldn’t afford the ones they sold at the mall and she knew how happy they make you.

Or about the time when you were sick, and she came by to see if you were okay. It was raining really hard out, and it was dark, so she didn’t see the slippery part of the sidewalk and she slipped. She won’t tell you how she twisted her ankle and the taste in her mouth as she laid on the sidewalk. Or how she limped all the way to your place. She had a key to your apartment, and there were no words to describe how good it felt to enter your place unannounced. She will tell you how, after she made sure you were safe, she limped back home. She shook from the wind but felt safe because you were.

You will learn that when she first told you that she loved you, she had never felt so relieved and scared at the same time. And when you said that you loved her back, it sounded like a promise she did not dare believe.

You should date a writer. You should date a writer because she will write about everything. She will write about the promises of love, and how she will always love you even if you didn’t love her anymore.

Inspired by “Never Date a Writer” — xstephens (Redbubble)



29 thoughts on “Why You Should Date a Writer

  1. Those writers never let you forget anything. I’ve often wondered how it impacts the social lives of artists that write about their relationships. I have no social life, so my writing doesn’t pose any danger. The people in my stories are bonded to me such that they’ll never get away no matter what I write.

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  2. Writers probably write too much (so much goes “to waste”), but they are also good thinkers and talkers, so conversations should always be interesting. Dating a writer holds lots of promises and insights, but… being a writer can be very overwhelming and tiring at times. 🙂


  3. I’m currently in a 20 year marriage so I’m no longer in the dating game and hope I never have to be again. After my previous wife left me with three daughters to raise mostly on my own, she flippantly suggested “why don’t you write about it” after I expressed my sense of hurt and grief in losing the relationship. She got pretty nasty about the whole thing. So I carefully wrote in a journal about things she did and how it affected me and the kids. I intended to use in in my legal pursuit to gain custody of the kids, but I never needed it because she screwed up plenty on her own to make herself look like a bad mother. My now adult daughters have often expressed their gratitude for having hung in there as their father. I still have those old divorce journals in my possession, but I doubt that I’ll ever use them for anything.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  4. This is lovely. If I wasn’t the writer in my husband’s life, I’d totally go off and date a writer right now. But, I am married to an artist and he’s married to a writer… I think we got this.


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